COV-19 Protective Wear

To support our hero's that are saving lives every day!



Stemming from my passion for the intersection of fashion and health I was excited to roll up my sleeves and help in the best way a fashion designer can during our times of need! 

What our medical professionals all around the world need is PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)!

Cov-19 Protective Wear (PPE)

PPE include face shields, gloves, goggles and glasses, gowns, head covers, masks, respirators, and shoe covers.

In response I have developed patterns and techpacks for the items that can be made of fabric. I want to share these with sewers at home or at any manufacturing plant that has sewing machines and would like to support their local hospitals. 

Patterns and techpacks are ready to share for the following items: 

Isolation Gown: long sleeve protection with elastic cuff that is worn over uniform. ​​

  1. Long Sleeve back closure (as in image below)​

Face masks: a protective mask covering the nose and mouth or nose and eyes.

  1. Accordion pattern mask ​(simplest as in image below) 

  2. Face fit mask - adapted and modified from the  Olson Mask by Unity Point Health 

Insulation Gown V1_1.png
Insulation Gown V1_4.png
Insulation Gown V1_5.png

These patterns are simple enough to make at home but using the right material is essential. (Not hard to find)

Details about the materials are included in the techpack

 Use the contact form below to get the patterns and techpacks for the items listed above

(as seen in image)

*Sharing patterns and techpacks was the fastest way I could help. 

But am also developing all these items with a partner manufacture to have them ready for sale very soon!

So it you need them email me to pre-order!



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