Through the patients life, although he sufered,

learned, grew, and finally accepted he realized it all

moved within a cycle. His life had waves that came and

left and at times were tuned up to a major key and

sometimes tuned down to a minor key but the music kept on playing.


The initial fabric exploration was developed by creating a

musical repetition through the piano motif based on Phillip

Glass’s “Mad Rush”. But as I keep developing the collection

a more melodic tune was emerged from the feeling of

screaming distress. From the stage where the  patient was yelling

out of desperation, pain and confusion came the movement of the sound wave patterns.


The linear movement also depicts the radiation both in the medical

space but also an internal radiation call for hope. The musical

movement in the lines create an illusion of what the patient would be

feeling in their state of deep medication and confusion. The

diferent stages of melody are carried out using the same linear

pattern but grow and fluctuate within color changes and movement

of lines widths.

© 2016 by Camila Chiriboga 

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