Swirling Life - A project inspired by small problems in everyday life we wanted to improve 

When thinking about the demanding, fast pace fashion industry I always wondered, how in the would could a woman in this industry ever have a baby and continue to preform all the demanding tasks. The fashion industry is highly woman dominated and it is a industry where lots of commute and moving is required. Most of the time it isn’t just a simple sit down office job. So, how do these woman handle the unity of their work life and child baring at the same time?


The devices created now a days to hold babies sold in America range from strap harnesses that make women/men look like rock climbers, to backpack like devices that make parents look like school kids again, to big blanket like wraps for the hips. What I’ve noticed about all these devices, is that they do not look very fashionably appealing, and are of very short life use. Companies who manufacture them have been successful in finding out the best ways to prevent back pains and healthier ways of holding the baby. But in my opinion still place little focus on the fashion appeal and the later usage of the device.


On the other hand, I observed how the Otavalan community woman carry their babies all around while working or resting. Their work also requires lots of movement and sometimes heavy physical work, and the whole time they still carry their babies with them. Their method has allowed them to work and keep their babies near them. Therefore I investigated what methods they have developed for holding their babies.  Additionally, due to low resources, they used garments for the wrapping which they were able to keep using throughout their lives.


Therefore my design approach was to integrate all these methods of healthier holding postures for mom and babies, with the way the Otavalan community carry their babies to create a more fashionable and durable garments.